How to use Global Search on Email-to-anything Emails

Global Search on e2a Emails

e2a Emails fields can be searched in Salesforce's global search. This allows user to search for any record using any field's data such as: To, BCC, CC. To enable search, please proceed as follows:


Create Tab

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Tabs and create a new custom object tab
  2. Select e2a Emails as object and any tab style
  3. Set 'Default Off' as tab visibility. You can also use 'default on' for any profile if required.
  4. Include custom apps as desired and Press Save


 Set Search Layout

  1.  Go to Setup |Objects | e2a Email | Search Layouts and edit Search Results layout to display your desired fields for search results. 


Select Search All

  1. When you search for any field, press 'Search All' link in left panel under Records to show all the related items, such as e2a Emails, e2a Unmatched Emails, etc.


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