How to import multiple e2a Action Rules at once?


e2a Action Rules

When using Email-to-Anything, we can create Action Rules to meet different requirements. The most common requirement is to avoid junk emails and make sure no new records are created from junk emails.

  • Example Requirement: Drop emails received from 
    • Solution: In the e2a email rule, we can add an Action Rule (as below) to meet the requirement. 

Importing e2a Action Rules

Sometimes the users have the requirement, where they have a list of junk patterns they would like to block. However, doing that manually via the e2a email rule user interface would take a lot of time. So, in such situations, users can import the Action Rules using the steps below. 

  1. Download the sample file 
  2. Add your keywords for the junk address in the ortoo_e2a__Pattern__c column in the excel file.
  3. Add the e2a email rule, where you want to add these Action Rules, in the ortoo_e2a__Parent_Id__c column in the excel file.
  4. Add the appropriate processing order for your Action Rules in the ortoo_e2a__Order__c column in the excel file.
  5. Copy the same values for the remaining columns.
  6. Use this data to import the record in the ortoo_e2a__Pattern_Based_Rules__c (API Name)


Read more about e2a's architecture and security here: 


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