How to remove NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION error? 

Deliverability Access Permissions

If you encountered the following error during sending an outgoing email from e2a email client, it might have been caused due to deliverability access permissions. Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.



To configure the email deliverability settings for your organization:

  1. Go to Setup, Enter Email Administration in Quick find box then select Deliverability
  2. To control the type of email your organization sends, change the Access level in the Access to Send Email section (you may not be able to edit the Access level if Salesforce has restricted your organization’s ability to change this setting)
  • No access: Prevents all outbound email to and from users
  • System email only: Allows only automatically generated emails, such as new user and password reset emails
  • All email: Allows all types of outbound email - please select this Access level to allow e2a to send outbound emails


Note: By Default all new Production environment's Access level is set to 'All email'. However newly created Sandboxes have Access Level set to 'System email only' and need to be set to 'All email' in order to make it work and allow e2a to send outbound emails.


For more details on deliverability, please see


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