Granting Login Access

If you would like the Ortoo support team to help you configure e2a, or look at an issue, please grant us partner support login access. This will allow us to see your configuration, so we can resolve issues quickly and make any changes for you.

Grant Login Access

Salesforce Classic User Interface:

  1. Go to the following location in Salesforce, depending on your version of Salesforce
  • New:  Your Name | My Settings | Personal | Grant Account Login Access
  • Old:    Setup | My Personal Information | Grant Login Access
  1. Set the access expiration date (e.g., 1 Week) for "Ortoo ISV Support"
  2. Click Save

Lightning Experience User Interface:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right-hand side of the screen and choose Settings
  2. Click on Grant Account Login Access
  3. Set the access expiration date (e.g., 1 Week) for "Ortoo ISV Support"
  4. Click Save


Note: If you're not getting an option to give login access to "Ortoo ISV Support", please check that:

  1. You have application license assigned to you. You can add licenses to Users by following the instructions here: Assign e2a Licenses
  2. Your Organization's Login Access Policies (from Setup, click Security Controls | Login Access Policies), and check that 'Available to Administrators Only' is not selected for Ortoo ISV Support. If it's selected, you can change it to Available to Users and then grant us access. If you do not have access to these settings or do not want to change the settings, please ask your Salesforce administrator to grant us partner support access by following the steps listed above.

Please feel free to contact us at for any questions.

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