How to integrate SFiles with e2a to sync SharePoint files into Salesforce? 


e2a has introduced a new integration where it allows the user to sync their SharePoint files into Salesforce via SFiles (a Salesforce Add-on). Once the integration is set up, users will be able to see the related SFiles in the Attachment pop-up on the e2a email client, to select from and send an attachment with the email.

As this feature can only be enabled if the org has S-Files installed, there are certain pre-requisites to configure in the org before getting started. The user will need to configure a Metadata and a class in org.


This document contains the set of instructions needed to perform to set up the integration.

Here are the instructions to configure the metadata:

  1. Go to Setup and search for 'Metadata' in the quick find box
  2. Open 'Custom Metadata Types' from the results
  3. Click on the 'New Custom Metadata Type' button
  4. Add the Label as 'e2a Customer Settings'
  5. Add the plural value in the Plural Label
  6. Add the Object Name as 'e2a_Customer_Settings__mdt (note the "__mdt" gets added automatically)'
  7. Add the Description as 'This Custom Metadata type holds records related to sFiles configuration in the org that will be used by e2a in order to make sFiles works with e2a.'
  8. Press 'Save'

You have created a Custom Metadata type now. Please follow the steps below to create a field under it:

  1. In the same Custom Metadata Type record, look for the 'Custom fields' section and press on 'New'
  2. Select Type: Text (255)
  3. Enter Label as: Value
  4. Enter API Name as: Value__c
  5. Add in Help: Add the value in a name/value pair, using the Label field of the record for the name

Next, users will have to create two records under the newly created metadata type. Please follow the steps to create the required records:

  1. Go to 'Setup' and type 'Custom Metadata Type' in the quick find box
  2. Open the 'Custom Metadata Types' from the result and look for the newly create metadata type i.e. e2a Customer Settings
  3. Press on 'Manage Records' - an option residing on the left side of the metadata type
  4. Press on 'New'
  5. Enter the Name as: Sharepoint_Is_Enabled
  6. Enter the Label as: SharePoint is Enabled
  7. Enter the Value as: true
  8. Press again on 'New' to create the second record
  9. Enter the Label as: SharePoint Bridge Class
  10. Enter the Name as: Sharepoint_Bridge_Class
  11. Enter the value as: ortoo_bridge.SFilesPackageBridge


Once the metadata is created, the next step would be to install the Ortoo sFiles Package Bridge. The instructions to install the package are provided below:

  1. Please install the Ortoo sFiles Package Bridge from the link below:
  2. Upon prompt, please click the ‘I acknowledge…’ checkbox and click Upgrade and wait for the installation to complete.

Once the above is configured, users will be able to see a new option in the e2a attachment pop-up 'S-Files', which will allow them to choose and select files from SFiles (SharePoint).



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