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Regular Expression (often called Regex for short) is a powerful way of defining a pattern matching rule for identifying or extracting specific data from a block of text. In e2a we use Regular Expressions to define what data to extract from an incoming email to map into a target record, or to use to determine ownership of the target record generated from the email, and for configuring various automated actions based on the data in the incoming email. 


The Regex builder tool can be used to create regular expressions. It is visible in new window when [*] is clicked next to match pattern field in e2a Action Rules, Alternate Thread Id or Field Assignment Rules section. This regex builder tool eliminates the need to go to other online resources for creating regex expressions, like Please see the Figure 1 to locate the tool, Figure 2 shows regex tool window.


Figure 1:


Figure 2:




Regular expression example

You receive an email that has some text as well as a line "Product name: <xxxx>" in its body e.g. ‘Product name: abcd’. To extract ‘abcd’ you could define a positive look-behind regular expression: ‘(?<=Product name: ).*’ (without quotes).


Pattern based lookup field mappings allow you to specify a regular expression to extract data from email's fields (such as subject, To, From, body ,headers, etc) and use extracted data to find a record by any field of any object and store found record’s Id into lookup field of target object. For more details on how pattern matching works, please see last point above.


For more examples see Regex Common Use Cases


Online resources and testers for regular expressions::


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