e2a Email Client


e2a provides its very own Email Client with all features similar to native Salesforce’s email client and additional features including Business Unit, Distribution Lists and Email Drafts features.


e2a Email Client provides the following options:

  • Choose the business unit that applies to the email or choose none. By selecting a Business Unit, the following defaults will be applied to the email client
    • A selection of available email from addresses specified to Business Unit
    • A Default BCC that is set for Business Unit
  • Email format displays the type of text editor currently displayed in the email client, either Text or HTML. Click ‘Switch to:’ link to switch to alternative editor
  • You can specify the sending address of the email from the ‘From’ drop down list
    • If a business unit is selected the addresses in this dropdown list are restricted to those allowed for the business unit. If the selected business unit has a Default Email From-Address specified, then the ‘From’ will be set to this address by default
    • If you have specified a Default From-Address in User Settings, then the ‘From’ will default to this address unless a business unit is selected. When replying to an inbound message, the from-address will default to the address to which the email was sent
    • Note: Only organization wide email addresses setup to “Allow All Profiles to Use this From Address” will appear in this drop-down list
  • Choose a recipient by entering a contact or lead account in the ‘To’ field. Only one name can be entered in the ‘To’ field
  • The object to which this email is associated can be selected from the ‘Related To’ dropdown list. And the specific record that the email is associated to can be selected by entering a valid name or number, or by clicking the lookup button and selecting a record
  • Emails can be linked with multiple objects like accounts, opportunities etc. by clicking ‘Add Additional Related To’. You can also remove the record of Additional Related to by clicking on the Remove option. See the image below:

  • If you want other people to receive the email as primary recipients, enter email addresses in the ‘Additional To’ field, or click the lookup button to select contacts, users or distribution lists. These people do not need to be Salesforce.com records. Email addresses can be separated by semicolons
  • Enter any additional email addresses in the ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ fields, or click the lookup button to select contacts, users or distribution lists. Email addresses can be separated by semicolons
  • Default BCC determines whether Default Bcc will be included in the email. Un-checking this option will not include the Default Bcc in the email. This field will only be visible when a business unit that has a Default Bcc Address specified is selected. This field will appear disabled when the business unit selected does not have Allow Bcc Deselect enabled
  • Sender BCC determines whether Sender Bcc will be included in the email. Un-checking this option will not include the Sender Bcc in the email. This field will only be visible if you have Enabled Sender Bcc in User Settings. The default value of this field will be determined by the Sender Bcc Default setting in User Settings
  • Select required email importance for this email using Importance drop-down
  • Tags field shows all the tags are specified for this record. You can add more tags by typing in this field. Tags that are already present will be shown in a dropdown. If tag is not already present, a new will be created. You can remove any tag by pressing 'Cross' sign on each tag or all tags by pressing ' Clear All Tags'.
  • Enter a subject and body for the email 'or' Click Select Template to choose a predefined email template 'or' Click Drafts to retrieve a draft email.
  • When replying to or forwarding an email, the original email is included in the email body


While composing emails, users often want to add snippets/quick texts to their emails. These frequently used pieces of text can be inserted quickly into emails at the location of the cursor, to save time and increase productivity. To achieve this objective, e2a has introduced new functionality called 'Snippets' which leverages Salesforce's Quick Text feature. This new feature exists within the e2a email client and allows users to add quick texts anywhere within the email subject or body, inserting the text at the location of the cursor. 


To use Snippets, click on the 'chat' icon against Subject or Body on the e2a email client and select the appropriate Snippet. For Snippets to be available for selection, a user must create a Quick Text of 'Channel: Email'. Please see an example screenshot: 

Draft Emails

e2a Email Client saves a draft automatically every 20 seconds. In order to Save or Retrieve a draft email, click on ‘Draft’ Button on e2a Email Client. For more information please see this help page on Email Drafts.


Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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