e2a Draft Emails

Draft Emails

e2a Email Client saves a draft automatically every 20 seconds. In order to Save or Retrieve a draft email, click on ‘Draft’ Button on e2a Email Client. It will open a popup window with options to Save or Retrieve a draft (you might need to disable the popup blocker for that page/site to make it work properly). Please see the details of the Save and Retrieve draft options below.


  • Save Draft:
    • Modify the draft name if required.
      Note: Draft name will default to the current email subject
    • Click Save button to save an email draft
      Note: If a draft with your chosen name exists already, the message “Draft name already exists. Click Replace to overwrite” will display
    • Click Replace button to replace an existing draft with current the email.
      Note: If a draft with your chosen name does not already exist, the message “Draft does not exist” will display
    • When you have finished, click Close button to close the window.

  • Retrieve Draft:
    • Enable the Keep checkbox of a selected draft to prevent the draft from being deleted after it is retrieved
    • To retrieve a draft click on a selected draft name
    • Click the Delete link of a selected draft to delete it
    • Click Delete All button to delete all existing drafts
    • Click Close button to close the window.


Note: If a draft is retrieved that has a different email format (html or text-only) to the current setting of the Ortoo editor, a message will be displayed requiring you to either click OK to confirm the editor email format will be switched to that of the selected draft or click cancel to abort retrieval of the draft.



Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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