How to add permissions to lookup field?

Assigning Permissions to Lookup Field

When you create a lookup field for a custom object, permissions need to be assigned properly to the lookup field in custom object so that it can be listed/viewed/edited properly. 


Permissions can be granted while creating lookup field and manually via permission set or profile.


To grant access to profile while creating lookup field:

  1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Object 
  2. Open the custom object on which you want to create the lookup field of another object. Under Custom Fields & Relationships | Create new field during the creation wizard at Step 4. Establish field-level security for reference field 
  3. Choose the profile through which you want to give permissions for this lookup field
  4. Save


Using the Permissions Set


To create a custom permission set or clone an existing one:

  1. Go to Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Permission SetsNew custom permission set or Clone existing one and make changes in it.  Make sure that you have assigned permissions to the lookup field in this permission set
  2. Open recently created custom permission set Manage assignments | Add assignments | Select the user for which you want to grant this permissions set (can select multiple users also) | assign
  3. Once this permissions set has been added to the user, you can verify from Setup | Administration Setup | Manage users | Users | check the permission set assignments. If there are multiple permissions sets assigned then they will be used as a subset of all


Using the Profile


To grant lookup field access on profile:

  1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Object | Select the custom object on which you have created the lookup field
  2. Under Custom Field and Relationships | Search the field you want to edit (assign permissions) | Press Edit
  3. Go to Change Field Type 
  4. Following the Wizard on Step 3. Establish field-level security for reference field 
  5. Select (Check) the appropriate profile through which you want to assign the permissions
  6. Save


Note: Assigning permissions can sometimes be confusing. Please double check while assigning permissions to Users/Profiles else your data might not be secured. 


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