e2a AI Services


e2a AI Services provides the ability to access the AI capabilities inside e2a. Where users can build and manage their own context-based AI prompts to be used in countless ways on e2a email client. 

API Provider Configuration

It's the first step towards the amazing world of AI right within e2a. Set up your API Provider's configuration under this Tab and get going with playing around with the prompts building. 

  • API Provider Configuration Name - Any suitable name for your API Provider record
  • API Provider Type - Select the required type from the dropdown 
  • API Endpoint - Add the URL to your API endpoint here
  • API Key - Enter the API Key here
  • Org ID - Enter the org ID here

AI Prompts

Now that you have setup the provider, you are all ready to build your AI prompts. Let's walk you through what settings a prompt will consist of: 

  • Prompt Name - Any suitable name for your AI Prompt
  • Language - Select the language in which AI will respond (subject to the support by the provider)
  • Persona - Pick the right persona to which your AI will respond 
  • Tone - Pick the tone your AI will respond
  • Context Object Type - Select the object to pick the data from 
  • API Provider Type - Select the right provider type from the dropdown 
  • Model - The model for your API Provider 
  • Temperature - It defines the level of creativity and diversity for AI to generate results from. Higher values will result in more diverse data selection for AI. 
  • Top P - Enter any value from 0.1 to 0.9 (It will help AI to consider the words to generate the result)
  • Body - Give a context for the beginning of the message to the AI here 
  • AI Prompt Context - You can give the object's fields context to the AI here. It will help AI pick up the right data from the relative record while generating the response. You will get to know more about it in the next section of the page (AI Prompt Context Predefined Sets). 
  • Testing Prompt - In the extreme right pane of the screen, you can test run your prompt with any record and adjust if need be. 

AI Prompt Context Predefined Sets

You can define different field sets as predefined context sets for your prompts (which you can use in the 'AI Prompt Context' section while building your prompt). You can have as many different field context sets for each object as your use case requires. 

  • AI Prompt Predefined Set Name - Any suitable name for your predefined context set
  • Context Object Type - Select the object you want to create a field set/context of i.e. Lead
  • AI Prompt Context - Add the fields you want to use as context for your AI prompts i.e. Name, address, First Name, for a Lead object


Note: Please visit our FAQ on AI services to learn more about permission sets and access levels. 


Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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