How to set up AI services in email-to-anything


Note: This feature is available in e2a version 3.4934.0 and onwards.


In order to use Ortoo AI Services, install/upgrade the e2a package with version 3.4934 or higher.

Permission Set Groups 

Assign the 'e2a API Provider' and 'e2a AI Prompt' permission set groups to the required users who wish to access the AI services.

  1. e2a API Provider permission set group gives access to the e2a AI Services tab and API provider tab and object. It provides access to manage the configuration of API Providers.
  2. e2a AI Prompt permission set group gives access to the e2a AI Services tab and AI prompt related tabs and objects, i-e AI prompts and AI Prompt Predefined sets. It provides access to manage the configuration of AI Prompts.

How to create AI Provider Configuration

  1. Go to the e2a AI services Tab and click on 'All' for AI Provider Configuration, as shown below:

  2. We will be directed to API Provider Configuration tab, click 'New' to set up the configuration for the AI provider.

  3. Add the values in the respective fields to set up the provider:
    1. API Provider Configuration Name: Any name of Choice
    2. API Provider Type: Open API Chat Completion
    3. API end point:
    5. API key: Your own personal API Key
  4. Click Save

How to share AI Provider Configuration

Once we have created and saved the AI Provider configuration, we need to open the newly saved AI Provider configuration record and share it with relevant users that wish to use this setting. The sharing option is available in the drop-down as shown below:

There are two levels of access: 'Read Only' and 'Read/Write'. We can add our user and select the level of access we want to give them and then click Save.

  1. Read Only: As the name suggests, with this level of access, users can only view the AI provider setting.
  2. Read/Write: With this level of access, users can view and edit the AI provider setting.


In order to use the Ortoo AI services, the users need at least read only level access of the AI Provider configuration setting.

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