Why e2a create records twice in Salesforce when the email is received once in the external mailbox?


When using e2a, most of the users set up redirection in their external mailboxes (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to send a copy of the received emails to Salesforce for e2a to process and either create new records or update existing records. Recently, we came across an issue where an email was received in the external mailbox once, but it created two duplicate records in Salesforce. The emails were received in Salesforce with a difference of a few milliseconds and were being processed in parallel and created two records.


Either it can be the case of the email source sending the email to both Salesforce and external mailbox, or, it could be the case of the external mailbox sending a copy of the email to Salesforce twice. 

Multiple Redirect Rules

First, check if there are multiple redirect rules setup in your external mailbox. That can cause sending of duplicate emails into Salesforce and eventually can cause duplicate record creation. 

Forwarding & Redirect Rules 

Secondly, make sure only one of the settings is enabled; either forwarding rules or redirect rules in your external mailbox. Both send a copy of the email to Salesforce independently and one continues to work even if the other has already sent an email to Salesforce. 


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