Why use Additional To instead of To?

Pros and Cons of using Additional To rather than To

To field

  1. 'To' lookup field auto fills the email that is associated with the current record/target object (record can be Lead/opportunity or any custom object)
  2. We cannot enter any email our self in 'To' field
  3. By default it populates with the current record
  4. We can also select another record from the search button to send emails to some other record, but at present there is a limitation here: 
  • From Leads the 'To' lookup only shows leads, not contacts
  • Similarly, Opportunities shows Contacts, not leads


Additional To field

  1. Additional To works in the same way as 'To' in the Email Client
  2. We can type in any email address in 'Additional To', it is not dependent on any record
  3. We can also type in multiple email address in 'Additional To' separated by semi colon (;)
  4. Due to flexibility, the recommended approach is to us the 'Additional To' lookup which shows both Leads and Contacts and not dependent on the current record
  5. Auto-complete on Additional To will help you to fill in the email address(es) easily

Please contact support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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