Configure the e2a Email Storage Object


e2a comes with a built in Email Storage Object called “e2a Email”. This is where e2a stores all emails that have been received or sent. It can be added as a related list to your Target Object, so you can see the emails from there.


If you are using a custom object as your Target Object, you will need to add a lookup relationship to your custom object from the e2a Email object. If you are using Lead, Account, Case, Contact, Contract or Opportunity as your target object then you don’t need to do this.


To add the lookup relationship:

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects
  2. Find the object "e2a Email" and click the link to view it
  3. Add a new Lookup Relationship by clicking the New button under Custom Fields and Relationships
  4. Follow the wizard to add a Lookup Relationship to your Target Object, adding a related list to your target object’s layout if required. It is recommended to follow the existing naming convention for your new relationship field, e.g. calling it “Request Id” if the target object was called Request

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