e2a Unmatched Emails

Unmatched Emails

When an email is received via an e2a Email Rule that has not been successfully added to a new or existing record in the target object, it is placed in the Unmatched Emails queue specified in the rule. Unmatched emails can be viewed and manually matched as follows:


  1. Click on e2a Unmatched Emails tab to view unmatched emails. Select a view as required
  2. Click on the subject of an unmatched email to view the email
  3. An unmatched email, can be manually matched as follows:
    • Click the Match button from the detail page
    • Select the Target Object/Email Service the selected email should be matched using
    • Select Match Type, either to add email to an existing record or to insert a new record into the target object
    • If match type “Add email to an existing record” has been selected, then select the name/number of the target object record by clicking the Related To Lookup button
    • If match type “Insert new record into target object” has been selected, then select an appropriate user or queue to assign the new record to
    • Click Save when complete



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