Set up an Email Service


Email Services in Salesforce are the mechanism through which Salesforce can receive emails. This also defines the email address Salesforce uses to accept incoming email.


Set up and configure an email service for e2a as follows:


  1. Go to Setup | Develop | Email Services
  2. Click the New Email Service button, or click Edit to change an existing email service
  3. Specify the name of the email service (e.g. Email to Lead)
  4. When choosing an Apex class, choose one of the available classes named EmailToAnything_xx (where xx is a number), starting with the first one that you have not yet used. If you are setting up e2a for the first time, then choose EmailToAnything_01
  5. Choose the types of attachments you want the email service to accept. The Email-to-anything application can process all types of attachment
  6. Once the email service has been created successfully, ensure you also create an email address for the service by clicking the New Email Address button. More help here
  7. Make sure you remove any email addresses from "Accept Email From" for the email service and the email address unless you want to restrict which incoming emails will be accepted
  8. Select Enable Error Routing checkbox and specify an email address in Route Error Emails to This Email Address field to send an error email message to the specified email address rather than notifying the sender in case email service fails to process an incoming email



  • Ensure the Active checkbox is checked
  • Use one Email-to-anything Apex class per email service, as unexpected results may otherwise occur
  • If you want to learn more about email service settings please see the Salesforce helpsite here


Following screenshot shows how a configured Email Service looks like:



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