Set up a Redirection Rule for your external email address


After you have set up your Email Service and Email Service Address, you may want to set up a Redirection Rule on your email server/system to direct certain email addresses to the special Email Service email address.


For example, Salesforce may have generated an email address for your email service that looks something like this:


But you may want to redirect the email address e.g., to the long salesforce email address so that any email sent to will be passed onto Salesforce to be processed by e2a.


As a best practice, we recommend that you also retain a copy of each email in a mailbox in your email system, so that if there are any issues with Salesforce you still have a copy of each incoming email. This can be done simply by setting up each email address (e.g. ) as a mailbox, then adding the redirect rule described above. Alternatively, you can set up a distribution list for and put both the Salesforce email service email address (the long one, like that above) and a normal mailbox email address (e.g. in the distribution list.


We recommend you to use Redirection Rules so that original sender information is retained when emails are received in Salesforce. Here are some useful links to learn about email Redirection Rules and how to set up one for you:



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