How to set up an Unmatched Email Queue?

Creating a new Unmatched Email Queue 

An Unmatched Email Queue is where emails are put that could not be matched to a target record, or experience an error on processing by e2a. Each Email Rule can use one or more Unmatched Email Queues. At least one is needed for every e2a Email Rule.


To set up a new one, go to Setup | Manage Users | Queues and create a New Queue – select e2a Unmatched Email as “Supported Object” for the queue you create. See screenshot below.



Once queue is created, you can go to the e2a Email Rules tab and edit your Email Rule page, where the queue should now appear in the Unmatched Email Queue drop down.


Any unmatched emails can then be viewed under the e2a Unmatched Emails tab.


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