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Objects in Salesforce

Salesforce uses objects to store data. Objects contain all the functionality you expect in a table, with additional enhancements that make them more powerful and versatile. Each object comprises a number of fields, which correspond to columns in a database. Data is stored in records of the object, which correspond to rows in a database.


Type of Objects

There are two types of objects.


  1. Standard Objects —These are objects included with Salesforce, by default, for example the objects used to store data in standard tabs such as Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities.
  2. Custom Objects — These are new objects you create to store information unique to your organization. Custom objects extend the functionality that standard objects provide.

Target Object in e2a

e2a works with Standard objects and with Custom objects as well. For example if you want Lead records created by incoming emails, you will select Lead as Target Objet in e2a Email Rule. Or if you want records of your Custom object created by incoming emails, you will select your Custom object as Target Object in e2a Email Rule. To configure e2a Email Rule with your Target Object please see this link.

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