Set up a Redirection Rule on Outlook Server Side


While setting up a redirection rule for your external email address on Outlook, as best practice, we suggest setting the rules on Server Side of MS 365, instead of client-side. 

Please follow these instructions to configure a redirection rule at server side in MS exchange:

  1. Go to MS 365 Admin Center
  2. Go to ‘Users’ and open ‘Active Users’ from the left panel
  3. From the list of all the Active Users, select the mailbox you want to apply the forwarding onto
  4. After selecting the mailbox, open ‘Mail’ tab from the section, opened at the right panel
  5. Staying on the same panel, look for ‘Email Forwarding’ heading and click on ‘Manage Email Forwarding’ link
  6. In the ‘Forwarding Email Address’ input area, enter the email address to which you want to redirect the emails i.e. your Salesforce long Email Service Address
  7. Click ‘Save Changes


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