How to Use Email-to-anything Email Counters


e2a has a feature to keep count of e2a emails on any record type of a Standard object (such as Leads, Accounts etc.), or any Custom object. This include counters on Incoming, Sent, Unread and All Emails. You can enable the counters on any standard or custom object by following the instructions below: 


Create Fields:

  1. Go to setup and select object for which you want to enable this feature (such as Leads)
    Setup | Lead | Fields

  2.  Create new field of type Number

  3. In step 2, provide with field label, length and field name. Please set them exactly as follows:
Field Label Field Name Data Type
e2a All Email Count e2a_All_Email_Count__c Number (18,0)
e2a Incoming Email Count e2a_Incoming_Email_Count__c Number (18,0)
e2a Sent Email Count e2a_Sent_Email_Count__c Number (18,0)
e2a Unread Email Count e2a_Unread_Email_Count__c

Number (18,0)


  1. In step 3, set field level security and press Next
  2. In step 4, select page layouts for which you want these fields be seen and press Save


Enable In Global Settings:

  • Go to tab e2a Global Settings | Others and check Enable Email Count.
  • Email counters will start showing the counts after this setting is enabled. At any point if you want to stop this counter, disabling this check will stop further processing.


Please contact for any questions.



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