Email Templates with e2a


e2a is compatible with following email templates and fully supports each of them with its email client.

  • Text Template
  • HTML Template (using Letterhead)
  • Custom Template (without using Letterhead)
  • Visual Force Template 

Using Email Templates with e2a

e2a provides two special fields for use in templates to access text body and html body of email (that is being replied or forwarded). To put the email body in your template use:

  • {!User.ortoo_e2a__Email_Html_Body__c} and/or
  • {!User.ortoo_e2a__Email_Text_Body__c}


In addition to the above two fields, you may also want to add the Thread Id field from the Target Object into the template so that e2a can attach any reply to the right record.


Please note that more fields on User can be defined (in Setup | Customize | Users | Fields) that can be accessed in templates. One commonly needed field is user’s signatures. It is often desirable for user’s signatures to be added in the email reply automatically. If you want to do so then you can define a Rich Text field called something like MySignature and then access that in templates.


An example template would look like:




Thread Id: {!SimpleObject__c.Thread_Id__c}

--------------- Original Message ---------------


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