e2a Global Settings


Global Settings provide settings for e2a’s email client that is applied for all users. These settings can be setup under the ‘e2a Global Settings’ tab.


Email Client

  • Compliance BCC Enabled - determines whether you want to send a hidden copy of each outbound email to email address setup you specify under ‘My Email Settings’ when sending email from e2a email client. The value of this checkbox must be identical to the Compliance BCC Emails Enable checkbox in Email Administration. If not, users may receive errors when attempting to send emails via e2a Client
  • Restrict From-Addresses - if checked restricts all organization-wide email addresses to be listed in ‘From’ dropdown of email client and the list is restricted to current users’ email address
  • Add Thread Id to Subject - if checked automatically add thread id to email subject when available
  • Add Thread Id to Body - if checked automatically add thread id to email body when available
  • Store Sent Emails - allows you to specify whether you want to store sent emails to Email storage object or not
  • Store Sent Email as Activity - allows you to specify whether you want each email sent to be logged as an activity or not
  • Automatically Set Replied/Forwarded Status - allows you to update the status of emails to be marked as replied/forwarded when sent via e2a’s email client
  • Enable Business Unit - if checked will enable user to select the business unit settings for email client when sending emails. If this is unchecked option to select business unit will be hidden
    • Business Unit Mandatory- if checked user has to select a Business Unit in order to send out emails provided that user is member of one or more Business Units. If this is unchecked user will have no restriction to select a Business Unit while sending out emails.
  • Hide To Field - If checked 'To' field will be combined with 'Additional To' field in Email Client
  • Set Business Unit from Current Record - When sending an email from related list, default to the Business Unit to that of the current record ( e.g the Lead being sent from ) if a look up to Business Unit exist on the object (e.g. Lead Object). This overrides the user's Default Business Unit. 

Outgoing Emails

  • Email Gateway option allows you to specify which email gateway to use for outgoing emails (that are sent via e2a). It is described in detail in detail in Configuring the Email Gateway option
  • Copy Tags in Reply or Forward Email If checked it copies tags to reply, reply all or forward email
  • Sender BCC Default Value allows you to control Sender BCC checkbox in the email editor. This setting will override the User setting for this checkbox. 

For Yes, the Sender BCC checkbox will default to checked status in the email editor

For No, the Sender BCC checkbox will default to unchecked status in email editor

For Use value in User Settings, the Sender BCC checkbox will behave as per user's settings in e2a user settings


  • Default New Email Template allows you to select any available Email Template, which will be used as default by email editor for all New emails
  • Default Reply Email Template allows you to select any available Email Template, which will be used as default by email editor while Replying emails
  • Default Forward Email Template allows you to select any available Email Template, which will be used as default by email editor while Forwarding emails
  • Auto-Fill Contact in New emails  If checked it auto-populates the To field when sending out a New email form e2a emails related list, provided that the parent record has a lookup to a Contact. In case there are more than one Contact lookups, the first one that has value will be used. 

Scheduler Settings

  • Scheduler Switch - This switch will allow the user to start the scheduler.  The scheduler will run in the scheduled time to delete the Transaction Logs which are made on the processing of each incoming email (one log per email). The user will press the Start button infront of the switch to start the scheduler, and once it started the green icon will appear. Every time the scheduler runs it will delete the transaction logs which are older than 2 days if the record count is more than 1000.
  • Next Run Time - Shows the date and time for the next run of the scheduler. 

Unmatched Email Settings

  • Default for 'Assigned To' - To set default preference for 'Assigned To' field while matching an unmatched Email. 'From Email Rule' takes value from the 'Default Owner' field of selected Email Rule. 'Current User' option defaults to the user performing matching of an email.
  • Hide 'Choose owner manually' - When enabled hides the 'Choose owner manually' when matching an unmatched email and record is assigned to the preference set in Default for 'Assigned To'. When disabled user is able to select/change the owner manually.

Other Settings

  • Re-parent Emails on Lead Conversion - comes in handy when a lead is converted. When checked, it allows the emails to be attached to Account, Opportunity and Contact (based on what lead is converted to) when lead is converted

  • Enable Email Count - If checked it enables triggers to calculate email count values for Unread, Incoming, Sent or Total emails for a parent record. e.g if on Lead we created 'e2a Unread Email Count' field, then this will be updated when an email is received, sent or updated. For more help on this feature, please see this help page on Email Counters.

Tag Settings

This section shows all the tags created over any object, record or email. It also lets user to create a new tag by pressing 'New' button. Tags created from global settings, have an option to custom select tag color. Any tag can be deleted by pressing 'Del' under action column against each tag. For more help on this feature, please see this help page on Email Tags.


Please contact us at support@ortooapps.com for any questions.

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