How to Block Specific Emails from Coming into e2a?

Set up rules in Exchange or Gmail to block emails 

The easiest way to block specific emails from getting into e2a is to add an additional rule or two in your email system (e.g. Exchange or Gmail) so they get processed before the redirect rule.



Assuming that you currently have a redirect rule set up in your email system (e.g. Outlook or Gmail) to redirect emails that come into a certain email address to then go to the Salesforce e2a email address and  following rules could be set up.


  1. Rule to look for certain words in the Subject. If found then stop processing further rules

  2. Rule to look for certain words in the From Email Address. If found then stop processing further rules

  3. Existing rule to redirect emails to the Salesforce email service email address used by e2a

This would make sure the redirect rule doesn’t get executed for emails that you want to block, thereby preventing those emails from getting into Salesforce. It is important that the rules to block emails come before the redirect rule so they are executed first.


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