How to Add a Preview of Emails in a Related List

Creating Preview of Email Body to specific number of characters in e2a

If you want to create custom field which displays the first few (50-100 or any length you want) characters of an email body to create a preview of an email in the related list so that the users know what the email is about. You can do it with the help of Workflow rule and setting up a formula for the number of characters you want to show in the preview. 


To create a preview you can follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Setup | Create | Object | e2a Email and create a new field of type text (Can have any name e.g. Preview). Specify its length 255


  1. Go to Setup | Workflow and Approvals | Workflow Rules and create a new workflow rule
  1. Select e2a Email as object and click Next
  2. Specify some rule name (Any name). Select relevant Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria and click Save & Next, please check the figure below for the configurations             
  3. Select New Field Update in the dropdown of Add Workflow Action                                                                                                                              
  4. Give this field a new name and select your custom created field (in point 1) in Field to Update 
  5. Select Use a formula to set a new value and press Show Formula Editor                                                  
  6. Select Left named formula                                                                  
  7. Now select Insert Field. A pop up will open up. Select Text Body and press insert                        
  8. Specify number of characters you want to show in e2a Related List, e.g. 100 the formula will look like the example below:                                                
    Multiple formulae can be added to display multiple fields. For each new formula use '+' from 'Insert operator. If you want to display new field's data in next line, use 'BR()' as well. For example, if you want to add Subject and Email body, please configure as follows:
  9. Press Save. On Next screen press Done
  10. Click Activate to activate this work flow rule, it will only work once activated                                  
  1. In e2a Related List insert the field Preview created above in point 1 (you can set number of characters in preview in point 2h. above)

You can now add the preview of emails in the e2a Emails related list by editing the layout of Object (i.e., Leads) and then adding the Preview field by editing the Related List Properties of e2a Emails.


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