How to Add a Preview of Emails in a Related List

Are you ready to add email previews to your related list? Let's learn how!


Adding a preview of emails to your related list can help users quickly understand what the email is about. Here's how to do it:


Field Configuration


  1. Go to Setup | Create | Object | e2a Email and create a new field of type text (Can have any name e.g. Preview). Specify its length 255


  1. Select appropriate profiles in Establish field-level security and click Next
  2. Select appropriate page layouts in Add to page layouts and click Next (There is no requirement for this field to be visible on any layout and can thus be kept hidden)

Flow Configuration


To get started with setting up the Salesforce Flow needed, follow the instructions below: 


  1. Click on the gear icon  on the top-right of your screen and select Setup

  2. Locate the quick find on the left side of your screen and type in Flows and Click on the first returned result under Process Automation.

  3. Locate and click on the New Flow button on the right of your screen

  4. Choose the Record-Triggered Flow type from the available options and click on the Create button. This will automatically load the Configure Start pop-up.

    1. In the Object lookup, select e2a email

    2. Under the Configure Trigger section, for Trigger the Flow when: select A record is created 

    3. For the Optimize the Flow for: options, select Fast Field Updates 

    4. Click on Done 

  5. Click on the plus sign after the Start element 

  6. Choose Update Triggering Record element to use

    1. When the New Update Records pop-up loads, enter the Label as Update Preview Field

    2. Scroll down to the Set Fields Values for the e2a Email Record section

      1. For Field choose the Preview email earlier created on the e2a email object

      2. Click inside the Value field and choose + New Resource

      3. From the Resource Type drop-down choose Formula 

        1. Enter PreviewFormula as the API Name

        2. Enter the Description for the resource i.e., This formula takes the Text Body of the email and only picks up the first 100 characters

        3. From the Data Type drop-down choose Text

        4. Enter the formula below 

          • LEFT({!$Record.ortoo_e2a__Text_Body__c}, 100)

        5. Click on Check Syntax button and see if the formula is valid

  7. Click on Done for the resource and Update element

  8. Save and Activate the Flow


You can now add the preview of emails to the e2a Emails related list by editing the layout of Object (i.e., Leads) and then adding the Preview field by editing the Related List Properties of e2a Emails.


There you have it! You've successfully added a preview of emails to your related list.


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