How to add Email-to-anything Emails fields in Custom Reports

e2a Email fields for Custom Reports

Salesforce provides with the reporting facility and e2a is compatible with the Custom reports too. In order to create/edit such reports, please proceed as follows:


  1. Go to Setup | Object | e2a Email and press Edit
  2. Under Optional Features, please check Allow Reports and Save
  3. Go to Setup | Create | Report Types
  4. Press 'New Custom Report Type' to create new report
  5. Set 'e2a Emails' as Primary Object, and fill other fields appropriately (you can also mark the status for Deployment if needed)
  6. Press 'Edit Layout' to select the fields you want to add in the report
  7. On the next screen, add e2a email fields by clicking ' Add fields related via lookup'. In pop-up opened, select the object and its related fields appropriately. Press 'OK' to add the selected fields in the report.


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