Specifying Contact Field to use for Auto-Populating To field on E2A Email Client when an Object has Multiple Contact Lookups available

We can auto-populate the To field on the e2a email client with a Contact value (Name/Email) that is available on the record where we access the e2a email client e.g. Employee record. We have introduced a new setting to handle the scenario where there are more than one Contact lookup fields available on the Employee record. So, the User can choose which field's value they would like to load in the To field of the e2a email client. This setting is available under the e2a Global Settings, named Contact Fields. It is made available only after the Auto-Fill Contact in New emails is checked

How To Use Contact Fields Settings Under E2A Global Settings

If you want to set the precedence of Contact Lookup fields for auto-populating the To field on the email client with contact lookup value on the Object record (e.g. Employee) while creating a new email, you need to mention the API names of respective object e.g. Employees__c and API name of respective Contact Lookup field e.g. Contact__c in the Contact Fields field. In case of more than one contact lookups on the same object, the contact lookup that is mentioned under e2a Global Settings in "Contact Fields" only the value of that contact lookup will appear in the To field of email client while creating the new email.

For settings, the precedence of contact lookups on single or more than one Target Objects, the following mentioned format can be used.


  • For mentioning Precedence of Contact Lookup for single Target Object, please enter object API name and contact lookup field API name as mentioned below: 

Specifying Contact Field For Single Object: Object API Name.LookupFieldAPIName



  • For mentioning Precedence of Contact Lookup for more than one Target Objects, please enter object API name and contact lookup field API name separated with ';' character as mentioned below and in the screenshot as well right after the format:: 

Specifying Contact Field For Multiple Objects: Object1 API Name.Lookup Field1 APIName; Object2 API Name.Lookup Field2 APIName; Object3 API Name.Lookup Field3 APIName;




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