How to add Custom Email-to-anything Emails Related List

Visual Force Page for Custom e2a Emails Related List

Custom e2a Emails related list is a feature towards the improvement of standard related list view. It contains many useful visual features. In addition to showing all the emails in one folder, incoming and sent items are shown in separate folders. Unread emails are easily distinguishable as they are highlighted bold. Reply, Reply all and Forward icons are also on the list to avoid the need of opening an email first and then performing the action. Other functionalities include showing Tags, Date, Time, Flags and ability to mark an email as Read/Unread icons. 



To create this list, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Setup | Develop | Visualforce Pages and press New to create a new VF page
  2. Enter Label and Name for your VF page
  3. If you want this page to be accessible in mobile, please check 'Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning Pages' checkbox
  4. In Visualforce Markup, please edit the code to as follows. For creating this e2A Custom Related List, a separate VF page would be needed for each object. This is the code for Lead object:
    <apex:page standardController="Lead">
      <ortoo_e2a:EmailInboxComponent parentId="{!Lead.Id}"/>
    1. In standardController, add the API Name of the object you would like to add this related list to

    2. Similarly, in parentId add the relevant parent Id for the object you are adding this related list

  5. Press the Save button


To add this newly created list (VF Page) to the layout of your object, please follow these steps:

  1. In setup go to <Object Name> | Page Layouts for Standard Objects and Create | Object | <object Name> | Page Layouts for custom objects, then edit the layout in which you like to insert your related list. For Lightning open Object Manager | <Object Name> | Page Layouts for both Standard and Custom objects

  2.  You can either add a New Section, or add VF page under any other section of your choice
  3. Add newly created VF page, and set the properties accordingly. Please see screenshot below for recommended settings

  4. To give access of this Custom Related List to other profiles, go to Setup | Profile | <profile name> | Enabled Visualforce Page Access and add this VF Page to the list of allowed VF Pages.

This feature is available in e2a Version: 3.4622 and above.


Please contact us at with any questions.

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