How default templates settings work


Default Templates:

The e2a Email Client can be loaded with a default template for New, Reply/Reply all and Forward emails. e2a provides default templates setup on following 3 levels:

  1. e2a User Settings Level
  2. e2a Global Settings Level
  3. e2a Business Unit Level

Please see following details to understand precedence order:


  • If templates are defined at both Global and User settings level, the Email Client will load with User settings level templates
  • If templates are defined on all 3 levels and a user being part of business unit (short BU) selects that BU in email client while sending an email, BU settings will override User settings.
  • To enforce that BU is selected in the email client while sending an email, set the “Business Unit Mandatory” field in Global Settings. If this is used in combination with the users being members of a BU, and having that BU set as their default one, then it can be fully enforced what the default template is for those users, without having to set the default template setting for each individual user.
  • Global Settings Level default template will only be used if no default templates are set on either the User Settings or Business Unit level.


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