How to Create e2a Emails tab?


e2a Emails Tab

Ready to access all your e2a Emails in one place? We've got you covered! With the e2a Emails tab, you can view all your emails related to a record in one centralized location. Let's get started!


E2A emails tab provides users with an easier way to access all the e2a Emails in one place. e2a Emails related to each record are shown under that record on the 'e2a Emails' related list, but with this tab, they will also be accessible at one centralized place.

To create this tab, please follow the instructions below:

Adding the e2a emails Tab

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Search for Tabs in the Quick Find box
  3. Press New from the Custom Object Tabs section (Please see the screenshot below)

  1. In the Object dropdown, select e2a Email 
  2. Select any Tab Style and add a Description of your choice (Example: Tab for e2a Emails). Please see screenshot below too:

  1. Press Next
  2. Keep the Apply one tab visibility to all Profiles: Default Off and click on Next
  3. Select the Email-to-Anything application and click on Save

Now the tab will be available in the App Launcher search

Providing Users Access to the e2a emails Tab

  1. Click on the gear icon  and select Setup
  2. Go to the Quick Find on the left of your screen and search for Permission Sets
  3. Click on the search result Users > Permission Sets
  4. Click on the New button
  5. Type E2A Emails Tab Permission in the Label and click on Save
  6. Go to Object Settings 
  7. Find and click on the e2a emails object
  8. Edit the settings for the e2a email object 
  9. Mark the Tab Settings Available and Visible as checked and click on Save

You can assign this permission set to the users you would like to access the e2a emails Tab in Salesforce. 

Adding ListViews to the e2a email tab

The e2a emails can be viewed from the object (Standard or Custom) records where they get attached and are available in the related list. However, some users want to see a more centralized look of emails as in a standard mailbox. So, we can customize the e2a email tab to provide that overview. For that, we create ListViews to mimic Inbox/Outbox, where users can view all the emails regardless of which object they are attached to. 


Inbox ListView


To create the Inbox ListView please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the e2a emails tab
  2. Click on the cog () sign on the right side of the listview and click on the New button.
  3. Add Inbox in the List Name field and set appropriate visibility for users and click on the Save button.
  4. Once the listview is created, click on the funnel () sign on the right side of the listview to add filters for the list view.
    1. Click on the Filter by Owner filter and select All e2a emails option and click on Done button.
    2. Click on the Add Filter link and select the incoming field from the drop-down, set operation to equals, for value select True, and then click on the Done button.
    3. Click on the Save button to save the filters added
  5. Now add the fields that you want to see in the Listview. To do that, click again on the cog () sign and select the Select Fields to Display option. It will load the popup where you can select a field from the left window and move to the right. You can select fields like From Address, To Address, Message Date, etc. Once done, click on the Save button.
  6. Here is what the Inbox ListView will look like. 


Following the above steps, you can create other Listviews as well. For example, to create one for Outbox, select False as the value in Step 4>2 above.



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