How to set up an Email Alert whenever a new Record in Unmatched Queue is added?


Setup Workflow Rule for Email Notification


Whenever e2a is unable to process an email it creates a new record in e2a Unmatched Emails tab. Standard Salesforce workflow rules can be used to setup an email alert whenever a new record in Unmatched queue is added.


This can be done by setting up a workflow rule in Salesforce as follow:


  1. Go to Setup | Create |Workflow & Approvals Workflow Rules and click on New Rule
  2. Select e2a Unmatched Email from Object drop down list and click Next
  3. Configure the Workflow by providing the Rule Name
  4. Select Created  in Evaluation Criteria
  5. In the Rule criteria, Select formula evaluates to true from drop down list and write True in formula box below. Click Save & Next button
  6. Click on Add Workflow Actions drop down list and select New Email Alert.
  7. Configure Email Alert, by providing Description and Unique Name
  8. Select Email Template. (This template will be used for Email Alerts)
  9. Select User from Search in Recipient Type (to which Email Alerts will be sent)
  10. Select User in Available Recipients and click on Add button to move it to Selected Recipients
  • You can enter up to five email addresses in Additional Emails to be notified
  • You can choose From Email Address from the drop down list. Click on Save button
  1. Click on Done and Activate on next page above Workflow Rule Details to activate newly created Workflow Rule


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