Send an Email Notification when a new e2a Unmatched Email is Added to the e2a Unmatched Queue


Setup Flow for Email Notification


Do you need to set up an email alert whenever a new record is added to the Unmatched Queue? This article will show you how to do that with a Workflow Rule in Salesforce.


Let's Get Started


Before we move towards setting up the flow, we need to create an email template and an email alert to use later in the flow:

  1. Email Template: The email template can be created with the merge fields for the e2a unmatched email record, to add more context to the email notification. Read more on creating an email template in Salesforce, here: Create an Email Template in Lightning Experience. For the use in this FAQ, let's call our template Email Template for New Unmatched Email

  2. Email Alert: Next, we need to create an email alert by using the template Email Template for New Unmatched Email we created in the step above. In the email alert, we need to specify the template, the recipients of the email, and the sender address for the email. Once you have created the email alert, activate it for use later. 

Flow Setup

To get started with setting up the Salesforce Flow needed, follow the instructions below: 


  1. Click on the gear icon on the top-right of your screen and select Setup

  2. Locate the quick find on the left side of your screen and type in Flows and Click on the first returned result under Process Automation.

  3. Locate and click on the New Flow button on the right of your screen

  4. Choose the Record-Triggered Flow type from the available options and click on the Create button. This will automatically load the Configure Start pop-up.

  5. In the Object lookup, select e2a Unmatched Email

  6. Under the Configure Trigger section, for Trigger the Flow when: select A record is created 

  7. For the Optimize the Flow for: options, select Actions and Related Records 

  8. Click on Done 

  9. Click on the plus sign after the Start element 

  10. Search for the Send Email Alert element and choose it to use

  11. In the New Action pop-up, search for the earlier created email alert in the Action lookup and select it

  12. Enter a suitable Label and Description for the element

  13. Under the Set Input Values for the Selected Action section, click in the Record ID field and choose $Record > Record Id

  14. Click on Done

  15. Save and Activate the Flow


Congratulations! You have successfully set up an email alert whenever a new record is created and added to the Unmatched Queue.


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